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Free Standing Homes

As the name suggests, Free Standing Homes (FSH’s) describes separate ownership of units within Ongos Valley. When you buy into a free standing development, you purchase a section, as well as an undivided share of the larger property.


Free Standing Homes

Free Standing Homes are homes located next to one another on free standing exclusive use land areas. Six types of Free Standing Homes are currently provided, ranging from 61.4m2 to 100m2 in size, and starting from N$654,000.

FSH 50 | FSH 75 | FSH 100 | FSH 125 | FSH 150 | FSH 200

Most homes are designed around a core unit that can accommodate phased extensions over time to accommodate household incomes. Most of the houses are of modular design to accommodate phased development of houses in a prescribed manner.



Designed to cover scope of income & residential types to accomodate the various incomes.



Houses designed to be flexible to allow for extensions and additions over time.



Property grows in value over time as extentions and additions create capital growth.

Do I qualify for Rent-To-Own?


Want to know whether you could qualify for Rent-To-Own to buy a home? Simply go through our simple and user-friendly pre-qualification process to find out. Once you’ve established that you could potentially be eligible for a home loan, getting it approved is easy and our sales representatives will be there to assist you along the way.


Five Reasons to Purchase a Free Standing Home

Free Standing Homes are often misunderstood, especially in terms of ownership, but when it comes to Ongos Valley and its Free Standing Homes, there really is no downside.

In fact, our Free Standing Homes are unique because:


Modular design options allow for future extensions as the household income and situation change.


They are freestanding, with their own entrance and yard.


Water and electricity will be prepaid, therefore households would pay as they use. No irrational bill splits.


You may choose your bathroom fittings, wall tiles, kitchen tops and floors.


1GB free fibre Wi-Fi connection for all units. Users may top up once they have depleted the 1GB provided.


Free Standing Homes Gallery

Everything you need to know about Free Standing Homes


Over the last decade, Free Standing Homes have become increasingly popular in Southern Africa. These homes offer heightened security, are more affordable and provide people with a more communal way of living. It is, therefore, no surprise that this is our most popular “product”. If you are not familiar with the advantages of purchasing FSH’s, you need to read this now!


Where is Ongos Valley

Ongos Valley Location

Land, for large scale development, is very scarce within Windhoek’s city limits. Towards the south lies Windhoek’s main water table and supply, it is too mountainous to expand eastwards and Daan Viljoen Private Reserve prohibits western expansion. It is for this very reason that we needed to set our sights northwards.

Ongos Valley is located in the north-western corridor just 14 kilometres from Windhoek’s Central Business District, west of Nubuamis. The area covers 1,743 hectares and will become  self-sustaining walkable city with schools, hospitals, institutions, businesses, malls and other supporting facilities.


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Enquire about Free Standing Homes

Our sales team is happy to answer all of your questions and help you find your new home.

Ongos Valley Brochure

Find out how Rent-To-Own can help you buy your home


If you’ve been struggling to get a home loan the traditional way, then the Rent-to-Own programme might be the solution for you! The Rent-to-Own programme is currently exclusively available to Ongos Valley homes.

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